Signatures I & II in “Best Progressive Rock Album of the Year” top 10

ZARAGOZA, SPAIN – Computerchemist ft. Zsolt Gal├íntai’s debut collaboration “Signatures I.” & “Signatures II.” have just both made it into the top 10 list of the “Best Progressive Rock Albums of 2013” on Portal Esquizofrenia, a prog rock website from Spain!

Stephen Jansen features “Signatures” in new “lost chapter”

Stephen Jansen is a prolific and successful author who decided to try his hand a few years back penning a tribute to one of his favourite bands of all time, Hawkwind. Stephen has been kind enough to write me an extra “lost chapter”, in the style of his book, to review the latest Computerchemist double release album “Signatures ft. Zsolt G├ílantai”. Here it is, printed in full. Thanks, Stephen!