computerchemist is the ongoing solo project of Dave Pearson, a British-Hungarian musician who lives in Székesfehérvár, Hungary.


Pearson’s love of electronic music started as a teenager when he first heard Tangerine Dream‘s Cloudburst Flight.[1]

During the early 1980s he played synthesiser in a number of rock bands, including Lichfield UK-based Monteagle with founder Mark Thwaite,[1] as well as simultaneously composing his own solo music.

In 2003 he had sold all of his synthesisers and had moved over almost completely to a virtual instrument environment using Cubase SX3, only using the guitar as a “real” instrument.[1]

Since 2006 he has issued a number of albums on his own label “Terrainflight”.

His music has been likened to “Berliner Schule/Berlin School style jazz-rock”.

Bruce Gall of ARFMs “Sunday Synth” has remarked on the crossover style of his playing,[2] invoking comparisons to electronic artists Tangerine Dream, Jean-Michel Jarre, Klaus Schulze, Kraftwerk, and the progressive sounds of Pink Floyd and David Gilmour solo work, Ash Ra Tempel, Mike Oldfield, Steve Hackett, Brian Eno and King Crimson.

During April 2008, SynGate started producing re-issues of the first two albums atmospheric (2006) and icon one(2007), however the agreement was short-lived and SynGate ceased production of the SynGate re-issues in June 2009. The original terrainflight editions are still available.

Guest musician Robin Hayes played cello on the third release landform(2008), the first time a guest musician had appeared on a computerchemist solo album.

Uwe Cremer, otherwise known as Level Pi, was the guest musician on the fourth album, aqual measure(2009), and played guitar on the title track.

A collaboration project started in July 2010 between Computerchemist and “Nemesis”, ex-Hawkwind dancer and singer has produced several tracks, some of which were initially released for free under Creative Commons licensing which had been available on the computerchemist website for free download, with a full album promised at a later date entitled Chronicles of Future Present. The link as of August 2011 to this project is no longer active. The single and first track Sky Turned Black, a rework of Mirage from Aqual Measure, was however released on a charity compilation in October 2012 entitled Space Rock: The Compilation on bandcamp on the “Sound for Good” label.[3]

Computerchemist was featured through the month of August 2010 on WDIY‘s Galactic Travels show with Bill Fox, as the “Special Focus”, where each album was consecutively played back-to-back each week.[4]

A different approach was taken for his fifth album, Music for Earthquakes(2011), involving the conversion of seismograph readings into musical form. It was inspired by the 4.8 richter scale earthquake in Hungary in early 2011, and featured on the national Hungarian news channel Hir24[5] and Hungarian English Language news site pestiside.hu[6] shortly afterwards.

His sixth double release album, and second collaboration, launched January 2013, Signatures I. and Signatures II. feature the Hungarian drummer Zsolt Galántai, formerly of the Hungarian metal band Ossian.[7]

A single track was specially composed for the “Sound for Good” charity release The Human Condition – Dedications to Philip K. Dick entitled The Pink Beams of Light, He Said, published in March 2013.[8]

The collaboration project “Audio Cologne Project” again with Uwe Cremer and Zsolt Galántai featuring on drums was released in summer 2013.

Since 2013, Pearson has been producing several one-off tracks for compilations and collaborations, notably with artists such as Cousin Silas and Altocirrus.

In 2018, he compiled a series of six CD albums (for which he appeared or produced tracks in various guises on each album) for the radio Spreaker show Aquarian Moons.[9]

In 2019, he produced his first analogue-only synth album for over twenty years, Volcan Dreams, using exclusively Korg Volca analogue sound modules and external guitar effects. Zsolt Galántai guested on drums for one track, and Chris Gill from Band Of Rain played guitar on the opening track Volcan Plain.

In January 2020, That Which Prevails was released, followed shortly afterwards by three retrospective album compilations Origins I-III which were compiled from surviving tapes from Pearson’s output between 1980 and 2003.

Pearson’s first motion picture soundtrack for the feature film The Fort[10] was released as an album in January 2021.

2021 also introduced a new collaboration partnership with RadioRay, a singer/songwriter who has notably played in Alan Davey‘s post-Hawkwind band The Psychedelic Warlords. This has led to two albums being released in 2021 and 2022 under the titles Masks and Underneath the Soul.

In addition, a further solo album Parallel Thought Experiment was also released in 2021.


Studio albums

  • 2006 Atmospheric (terrainflight TF001); (2008, SynGate CD-R 2090 reissue, now withdrawn)
  • 2007 Icon One (terrainflight TF002); (2008, SynGate CD-R 2091 reissue, now withdrawn)
  • 2008 Landform (terrainflight TF003)
  • 2009 Aqual Measure (terrainflight TF004)
  • 2010 The Scheming Machine EP (feat Nemesis) (terrainflight TF005) (no longer available)
  • 2011 Music for Earthquakes (terrainflight TF006)
  • 2013 Signatures I. ft. Zsolt Galántai (terrainflight TF007)
  • 2013 Signatures II. ft. Zsolt Galántai (terrainflight TF008)
  • 2019 Volcan Dreams (terrainflight TF010)
  • 2020 That Which Prevails (terrainflight TF011)
  • 2020 Origins I. 1980-1985, (terrainflight TF012)
  • 2020 Origins II. 1985-1998, (terrainflight TF013)
  • 2020 Origins III. 1981-2003, (terrainflight TF014)
  • 2021 The Fort: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (terrainflight TF015)
  • 2021 Masks (feat RadioRay) (terrainflight TF016)
  • 2021 Parallel Thought Experiment (terrainflight TF017)
  • 2022 Underneath the Soul (feat RadioRay) (terrainflight TF018)

Compilations and collaborations


  • 2009 Schwingungen auf CD No. 164 with “Atmospheric” (Cue Records 164 (Germany))
  • 2009 Schwingungen auf CD No. 165 with “Timethorns” (Cue Records 165 (Germany))


  • 2013 Audio Cologne Project: 2911. (Album with Uwe Cremer and featuring Zsolt Galántai, Terrainflight TF009)

United Kingdom

  • 2010 Musiczeit Sampler CD No. 12 with “Mirage” (Musiczeit Sampler 12 (UK))
  • 2017 Silas and Friends | vi | part i with “Cousin Silas & computerchemist – Expansion ( For Jaki )” (WAAG waag_rel101, (UK))[11]
  • 2018 The Emporium Project – 1point2 with “Cousin Silas & Computerchemist – Dronium” (WAAG waag_rel124, (UK))[12]
  • 2020 Cousin Silas & Friends volume 8 part 2 with “Cousin Silas & computerchemist – Goodbye Home Service” (WAAG waag_rel140, (UK))[13]

United States

  • 2012 Space Rock: The Compilation with “Sky Turned Black” ft. Nemesis (Sound for Good, (US))
  • 2013 The Human Condition – Dedications to Philip K. Dick with “The Pink Beams of Light, He Said” (Sound for Good, (US))
  • 2018 Intergalactic Moonloonies Invade Mushroom Hill vol. 1 with “Computerchemist ft. Zsolt Galántai – La Fungo Arpeggiato” (Aquarian Moons, (US))[14]
  • 2018 Intergalactic Moonloonies Invade Mushroom Hill vol. 3 with “Altocirrus & Computerchemist – Morcellas Dance” (Aquarian Moons, (US)) [15]
  • 2018 Intergalactic Moonloonies Invade Mushroom Hill vol. 3 playing guitar on “Etherfysh – Low Tide on Mushroom Hill” (Aquarian Moons, (US)) [16]


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  1. You’ve been busy! I also sold everything I had when I first moved to Helsinki. Now I am sort of the same, only using VST’s, plugins and nothing else to exception of an acoustic guitar and an old Yamaha keyboard. At first, to be able to do something right away without investing a ton of money but now I kind of started liking the idea of creating with almost nothing, at least for a while!


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