Review of “Volcan Dreams” by Jerry Kranitz

Editor’s Note: Jerry Kranitz is an aficionado of spacerock and psychedelic music, as evidenced by his work with Aural Innovations for nearly two decades. He is now focused on a new book: Cassette Culture: Homemade Music and the Creative Spirit in the Pre-Internet Age chronicling the underground cassette music scene. It’s scheduled for publication in 2019 by Vinyl-on-Demand.

Jerry recently reviewed the new Computerchemist album, Volcan Dreams. Here’s what he had to say, cheers, Jerry!

Computerchemist is a solo project from Dave Pearson, an English musician residing in Hungary. Volcan Dreams is his latest and, armed with Korg volca modules, keyboards, and sequencer programming, creates a set of Berlin School meets sci-fi soundtrack analogue delights.

‘Volcan Plain’ opens the set in Klaus Schulze mode, though Pearson adds an underlying layer of sinister sci-fi soundtrack sear. The music marches along at a slow but commanding pace, creating a cool blend of watch-your-back tension and hypnotic mind massage. As a bonus, Band Of Rain’s Chris Gill guests on guitar, adding periodic solo guitar runs to the overall deep space vibe.

Pearson picks up the pace on ‘Through The Volcan Forest At Dusk’, which zips along at a classic Tangerine Dreamy syncopated stride, while melodic synths create yet another spaced out soundtrack feel. I especially like the dual classic space-prog and banshee wailing synth melodies on this track.

‘Volcan Sea’ is similar though even more energetic, with a beautifully catchy melody, sounding like the 15 minute full version of the opening credits theme to some sci-fi TV series. I love how the atmosphere and theme gradually evolve on this space-prog rocking slab of cosmic electronica.

‘Valley Of Modulation’ welcomes Zsolt Galántai on drums, who collaborated with Pearson on the previous Computerchemist albums, 2013’s Signatures 1 & 2.

Finally, ‘Subsonic Volcan Flight’ closes the set and is a bit different, injecting a high energy Neue Deutsche Welle meets dance floor rave electronica groove into Pearson’s brand of space exploration.

In summary, I’m really diggin’ the Berlin School meets sci-fi flick soundtrack theme that characterizes most of this set. Klaus Schulze meets Delia Derbyshire meets Goblin meets John Carpenter… If that catches your attention then check it out. For stream, download and CD purchase visit

Jerry Kranitz, March 2019

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